A Message From Orwa

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Dear Friends in Syria and around our brave new world, Your outstanding solidarity with me, during my three weeks trip under Syria’s ground, had the most touching impact. You have all made what could have been a much longer and more violent journey a much easier one, no matter how unforgettable it is. Now, after I am over-ground and as I read and hear and watch you most kind and compassionate words, I bow to all of you, gratefully, and I know, of course, that you solidarity was meant to everyone who is imprisoned for their opinion, meant to manifest your profound protest against injustice, abuse and repression, wherever they are, in Syria today, in another country tomorrow… It was because of you, and also because of the exceptional kindness of 100 new friends I lived with there, underground, that I am safe and sound today, full of hope and pain, and overwhelmed with determination. Political Prison is a shame, a stigma, staining the soul of every living human being on earth, it is our responsibility, all of us, to create a world without it, a world that feels ashamed it ever existed. Thanks to everyone, to those who worked, wrote, thought, signed or prayed… Where were we? Yes… a massacre in Darayya, a massacre in Idlib, a year since Yahia was imprisoned, filmmaker Tamer Awwam was killed, many others too… Freedom

Free Orwa

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Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright reach out to the global film community to call for the release of Syrian filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia.