Release Date May 12, 2021

The Human Behavior Experiments

Synopsis /

Produced for Court TV and the Sundance Channel, The Human Behavior Experiments revisits three famous behavioral studies to explore some perennial questions about why human beings commit unethical acts under particular social conditions: Stanley Milgram’s obedience to authority experiments, in which subjects willingly inflicted pain on another person; Philip Zimbardo’s alarming prisoner and guard role-playing study at Stanford; and Columbia University’s 1969 experiments which illuminated how being in a group can cause a diffusion of moral responsibility.

Director /

  • Alex Gibney

Written by /

  • Alex Gibney

Producers /

  • Alex Gibney
  • Alison Ellwood
  • Eva Orner

Executive Producers /

  • Lynne Kirby
  • Laura Michalchyshyn

Cinematographer /

  • Maryse Alberti

Editor /

  • Diana DeCilio