The Clinton Affair

Synopsis /

The Clinton Affair is a six-part docuseries directed by Blair Foster that weaves together never-before-seen archival footage with exclusive new interviews and examines the biggest political scandal of a generation and its lasting influence and reverberations on our country. Exploring broader topics including media, feminism, politics and power, the documentary investigates the history leading up to the impeachment trial and chronicles the role each of these forces played in this story of sex, power, money, lies and ideological warfare.

The series can be watched on A&E.

Director /

  • Blair Foster

Producer /

  • Trevor Davidoski

Executive Producers /

  • Alex Gibney
  • Blair Foster
  • Stacey Offman
  • Jemima Khan
  • Henrietta Conrad
  • Evan Lerner (A&E)
  • Molly Thompson (A&E)
  • Elaine Frontain Bryant (A&E)