New York Times on Tribeca: “the year of Alex Gibney”

By Jigsaw / April 16, 2010 / 0 comments

The 9th Tribeca Film Festival opens this week and it seems that Jigsaw films are the highlight. The New York Times yesterday featured a piece about the festival with a brief rundown of the interesting films, and it seemed evident to them which film most impresses:

“My Trip to Al-Qaeda,” which exemplifies the loftiest ambitions of the Tribeca Film Festival … is an utterly compelling (dare I say entertaining?) personal history lesson, filled with insights that come as little jolts.

[A]mong the two dozen Tribeca films I’ve sampled, none is as revelatory as “My Trip to Al-Qaeda,” a cinematically illustrated Spalding Gray-style monologue by Mr. Wright, which begins with his description of his personal connection to 9/11.

As it so happens, My Trip to Al-Qaeda isn’t the only Jigsaw film at Tribeca this year. The festival will see the premiere of Freakonomics, a documentary based on the best-selling book of the same name, which includes a segment by Alex Gibney on corruption in sumo wrestling. Also at the festival, in unfinished form, is our as-yet untitled film about Eliot Spitzer, before and during the scandal that removed him from power.