Why We Hate

Why We Hate


Why We Hate investigates the human capacity and science behind hate. Amblin Television and Jigsaw Productions in association with Escape Artists for Discovery Channel have partnered on the project, which premiered on October 13th on Discovery.


Geeta Gandhbir
Sam Pollard

Executive Producers
Alex Gibney
Stacey Offman
Richard Perello
Erica Sashin

Executive Producer
Steven Spielberg
Daryl Frank
Justin Falvey

Executive Producers
Jon Bardin
Howard B. Swartz

Executive Producer
Steve Tisch
Ep 1 – Origins

Ep 2 – Tribalism

Ep 3 – Tool and Tactics

Ep 4 – Extremism

Ep 5 – Crimes Against Humanity

Ep 6 – Hope