The Huntress

An original movie and subsequent TV Series for the USA Network, The Huntress follows domesticated Dottie Thorson (Annette O’Toole), wife of murdered bounty-hunting legend Ralph “Papa” Thorson, as she and her feisty young daughter (Aleksa Palladino) attempt to carry on the family business.


Jeffrey Reiner

Written by
Bruno Heller

Executive Producers
Alex Gibney
Pamela Norris

Associate Producer
Pam Fitzgerald

Original music by
Russell Sims
Jon Spencer
Jamey Staub

Casting by
Jeff Johnson
Catrine McGregor
Jory Weitz

Art direction by
Cate Bangs
Christa Munro

Based on the book by
Christopher Keane

Paul Marcus

Co-Executive Producers
Henri M. Kessler
David Peipers
Ezra Swerdlow

Feliks Parnell

David Rennie

Production Designer
Pamela B. Warner

Set decoration by
Donald Elmblad