Death Row Stories

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Academy Award®-winning directors Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) and Robert Redford (ORDINARY PEOPLE) serve as executive producers on this eight-part original series, DEATH ROW STORIES. Academy Award®-winning actress Susan Sarandon (DEAD MAN WALKING) narrates.

Each episode of DEATH ROW STORIES unravels a different capital murder case that has twists and turns worthy of a crime thriller. All of these stories are true, and call into question the myriad of beliefs about the death penalty and the American justice system itself. Susan Sarandon, whose Oscar honor was awarded for her powerfully moving portrayal of the Louisiana-based Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean, who ministers to death row inmates and advocates for the abolition of capital punishment, will narrate each episode in the series.

The first episode of DEATH ROW STORIES will debut on Sunday, Mar. 9, and explores how Edward Lee Elmore, a 23-year-old African-American handyman, was charged with the murder of a well-to-do white woman in Greenwood, S.C., in 1982. The jury spent less than three hours deliberating before finding Elmore guilty of capital murder. It was not until a legal intern named Diana Holt investigated his case for the defense team that startling new evidence of his innocence began to emerge. The episode follows Holt and Elmore as the defense team embarks on a roller coaster ride through the criminal justice system, discovering negligence and cover-ups all along the way.

DEATH ROW STORIES is a co-production between Jigsaw Productions and Sundance Productions.


Executive Producers
Alex Gibney
Robert Redford (Sundance)
Brad Hebert
Dave Snyder
Stacey Offman
Laura Michalchyshyn (Sundance)

Coordinating Producer
Alexander Baertl

Ken Levis
Steve Rivo
David Van Taylor
Ivy Meeropol
Ryan Miller
Jed Rothstein

Associate Producers
Cat Hartwell
Azriel Relph
John Pappas
Danni Mynard
Nailah Sims
Fouzia Najar
Colin Culligan

Sascha Gardner
Zachary Wolff
Sharon Brooks
Frank Ombres
John Jordan
Bethany Dettmore
Lucy Sexton
Production Manager
Laura McCune

Production Coordinator
Marc Zahakos

Production Accountant
Andrea Modenos Ash

Assistant Production Accountant
Lanishia Washington

Post-Production Supervisors
Mike Reilly (Season 1)
Karen Yaeger(season 2)

Post-Production Coordinator
Nicole Logatto (Season 1)
Stephen Johns (Season 2)

Tim Bartlett (Seasons 1 & 2)
Allan Piper (Season 1)
Chad Beck (Season 1)
Rebecca Lane (Season 1)
Peter Schmuhl (Season 2)
Mia Sorensen (Season 2)
Pagan Harleman (Season 2)
Keith Reamer (Season 2)

Assistant Editors
Bradford Coleman (Season 1 & 2)
Joe Fenstermaker (Season 1)
Andro Kim (Season 2)