Catching Hell


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Using television footage, videos shot by fans and eyewitness interviews, Mr. Gibney repeatedly drops us into the cauldron of rage and vituperation that boiled around Mr. Bartman until he was escorted out of the stadium, his life forever changed. Seen in this detail, the ugliness of the behavior of the fans — not 5 or 10 of them, but thousands — is both sickening and mesmerizing.” -Read the New York Times Review


The Chicago Cubs were five outs away from the 2003 World Series—and a chance to end a century’s worth of disappointment. But as outfielder Moises Alou leapt into the stands for a crucial foul ball, a fan happened to deflect the ball away, cursing the team to ongoing failure. In an instant, the fan’s name became a byword for blowing it in a critical, high-stakes moment. Though dozens of errors contributed to the Cubs’ loss, the name “Steve Bartman” is etched into the annals of sports infamy. Why?

Catching Hell probes the topic of sports curses, superstitions, and scapegoating, tracing the roots of our compulsion to focus blame for a team’s sad legacy on brief moments of identifiable ineptitude. In the process, its comprehensive interrogation of this under-examined sports phenomenon lends insight, and even heroic tragedy, to Bartman’s own curse of undeserved notoriety.


Alex GibneyProducers
Matthew McDonald
Alison Ellwood
Gary Cohen

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Niki Usbay

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Keith Walker

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Alex Gibney
Gary Cohen

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David Kahne

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